The mission of the Lois Braymes Foundation is to continue the lifelong dedication of Lois Braymes, who, for more than five decades, was passionate about being a lighthouse for hope to America’s service men and women and their families. The mission of the Lois Braymes Foundation is to:

  • comfort, care, and to provide the assistance any veteran might need. This includes lobbying for veterans’ rights, total medical care, and jobs.
  • organize all-expense paid R&R trips to wounded veterans as well as non-wounded personnel.
  • fight for a veterans’ hospital in New Jersey that can offer the finest care, both physical and mental, and for the latest developments in robotics for amputees.

The Lois Braymes Foundation works strenuously to insist that our elected officials recognize that the men and women soldiers of our country deserve the very best for risking their lives for us. We owe them our thanks, our respect, and, most importantly, our care. Military men and women are the treasures of our nation.